TitleWhy South Korea is interested in Rwanda: Korean Perspectives on Good Governance2023-08-03 13:27
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서울대학교 아시아연구소

"Why South Korea is interested in Rwanda: Korean Perspectives on Good Governance", 

Journal of International and Area Studies, vol.30, no.1 (2023), pp.93-106

Published by 서울대학교 국제학연구소 


There is some speculation as to the incentive South Korea has in pursuing cooperation with its recipient country, Rwanda. This relates to the fact that Rwanda has been consistently and repeatedly selected as a priority African aid recipient state, though there is a consensus that it is more advantageous for a donor country to support a recipient country with a large population or with rich natural resources. This does not fit the profile of Rwanda, which is land-locked and relatively small in population. This article chiefly argues that South Korea as a latecomer donor needs the recipient of Rwanda which would nicely complete a development project to meet the required outcomes. Such recipient’s attitude is being interpreted as a good governance among the Korean policy-makers. 


South Korea, North Korea, Rwanda, Good Goverance, Politics of Development, Korea-Africa Relations